Phone and Address
Northern Recycling
P O Box 177
Napa,  CA  94559
Phone:  (530) 406-1614
Fax:  (530) 406-1751 
U.S. Composting Council




Drop Off

Call (530) 406-1614 to schedule a drop-off appointment.


8am – 4pm

Monday – Friday
Saturday by Appointment

Yard Waste: $25/ton
Compost: $18/ton

Greenwaste Material Accepted
Check in Office Before Dumping
No Hazardous Materials Accepted


All incoming material is delivered to the tipping area via an all-weather access road from County Road 94.

Material delivered by company/commercial transfer vehicles is initially received at a scalehouse where loads are weighed and characterized with respect to material source and type.

Following initial processing at the scalehouse, the loads are then directed to the appropriate location for unloading.

Loads of largely woody materials are delivered to the chipping/grinding area for processing; green material – a substantial amount of which may arrive pre-processed – may be delivered to the chipping/grinding area or directly to the composting area and deposited into windrows or the appropriate composting technology application for processing.

An attendant monitors the site when open and is responsible for managing traffic, monitoring deliveries for prohibited wastes, and litter control activities.